16 recommendations on the way to flawlessly Straighten Your Hair


lengthy, vivid and without a doubt easy hair is what most of the people long for. while we see someone carrying immediately hair, we regularly come to be asking them a way to straighten hair. Hair straightening is latest and effective but you could’t expect the results to final long. After that, split curl ends and difficult strands are going to knock the door once again which would leave you thinking the way to straighten curly hair. There’s but nothing to worry approximately as you too can have lasting straight hair with extremely-clean texture.

16 suggestions On how to flawlessly Straighten Your Hair

using Milk & Honey

on the subject of hair straightening, milk and honey paintings wonders. Use one cup of milk with spoons of honey and add mashed strawberries to make a mixture. apply the mixture on hair, wash with shampoo after 2-three hours after which flaunt the straight strands to humans asking about a way to straighten hair.

Coconut With Lemon

Coconut milk and lemon juice may be your first-class buddies if you worry too much about a way to straighten curly hair. blend lemon juice with coconut milk and apply the acquired paste on your hair followed by using washing with warm water after an hour. Repeat it two times a week and then you not want to invite a way to straighten your hair.

the use of Castor Oil

in case you’ve been wondering how to straighten hair certainly, warmness castor oil and use it on hair while gently massaging the scalp. Wrap your hair with a soaked warm towel and wash after half of an hour to get immediately hair.

blend Olive Oil With Eggs

Make a combination of two eggs and olive oil and thoroughly rubdown your scalp with it. watch for an hour before washing and supply a wonderful answer to the folks who could be asking a way to straighten hair that well.

Aloe Vera

A remarkably high-quality herb, Aloe Vera blended with warm oil may be used as a hair masks which would condition your hair. it is one of the excellent hints possible supply for how to straighten hair evidently.

Banana Hair masks

Take mashed bananas and add honey (2 spoons), olive oil and yogurt to make a paste. apply the paste like a mask on hair, to be washed after half-hour. You get healthy and brilliant hair right away. Now that’s the way to straighten curly hair without difficulty.

Rice Flour masks

To egg white, add 5 spoons of rice flour and a cup of fuller’s earth. blend and practice on hair at the same time as combing. Wash with shampoo after an hour and repeat this for once a week to get perfectly straightened hair. fairly clean manner in case you are seeking out suggestions on the way to straighten hair without an awful lot trouble.

Milk masks

that is something you want to strive after washing your hair. Spray milk on washed hair and rinse. To cast off the odor, spray some fragrance whilst combing hair. This milk mask is the suitable answer in your query the way to straighten hair naturally.

Banana-Papaya masks

nonetheless wondering the way to straighten hair with end result? Mash banana and papaya in identical amount and blend properly with a spoon of honey. observe this as a masks at the strands and witness the full-size trade in your hair texture and shine.


Whip eggs to smooth them and observe to hair as well as scalp. Wash after half-hour with moderate shampoo and yogurt to do away with the scent of eggs. you may then inform human beings the secret of the way to straighten curly hair so that the too get terrific straight hair.


Extract celery juice and leave it overnight in a bottle. subsequent morning, follow it on roots in addition to suggestions while combing lightly. cowl your hair after which wash after 30 minutes to get a marvelous sensible instance of the way to straighten hair without difficulty.

Soybean Oil

some other crucial aspect which could solution your queries as to how to straighten hair is Soybean oil. blend soy oil with double amount of castor oil and heat. After cooling, apply on scalp and depart for half an hour to be washed with shampoo.


Vinegar gives every other captivating method if you fear how to straighten hair as fast as possible. Rinse hair with warm water containing few drops of vinegar. Get an unheard of shine with immediately hair in less than half-hour!

Milk-Eggs mask

Beat an egg, add some milk and preserve beating. observe the received mix on hair strands and go away for 20 minutes. For great results, you can wrap your hair after which wash them with shampoo to get clean and silky directly hair.

Almond Oil

Make your conditioner even greater powerful by way of including some drops of almond oil to it. follow this new conditioner blend after washing the hair with shampoo. The end result? You get splendid looking directly hair with lasting effects if repeated two times every week.

Use Rosemary Leaves

In half cup of heated olive oil, upload same quantity of dried rosemary leaves. permit the mixture to cool after which gently rub down the scalp with it. After leaving it for approximately 30 minutes, wash your hair with shampoo. To witness the excellent alternate, let your hair dry evidently after wrapping in towel. The the way to straighten hair technique become never that smooth certainly.