6 Strangest Hangover treatment options From around the sector You likely Didn’t realize

6 Strangest Hangover

have you ever ever had too much to drink which you needed a short hangover therapy? What did you do? maybe you’d like to try those six unusual but effective hangover remedies from unique countries next time you get plastered after a ingesting spree.

1. Leche de Tigre (Peru)


“Tiger milk” is a mix of lime juice, garlic, chili, coriander, onion, salt, pepper, and shrimp or fish. apart from curing hangovers, this drink is also an aphrodisiac.

2. Prickly Pear Cactus Extract (u.s.)


professionals from New Orlean’s Tulane health Sciences center declare that drinking an extract from Opuntia or prickly pear cactus earlier than alcohol intake can prevent a hangover. It restores the body’s blood sugar degrees which drop after immoderate drinking. but the extract can’t remedy a headache or dizziness so you would possibly need to take an aspirin to relieve the pain.

3. Olive Oil (Turkey)


Turkey’s fourth biggest export is olive oil, which makes it the precise remedy for a Raki hangover. Olive oil has a fatty extract that coats the belly lining to prevent irritation and reduce alcohol absorption.

4. Pickle Juice (Poland)


Beer is the favourite alcoholic drink of Poles. Their fine hangover therapy is a mixture of vinegar, sodium, and water to rehydrate and repair the frame’s electrolytes after a night out.

5. Umeboshi (Japan)


Drank too much sake? you could without problems recover with Umeboshi. these red pickled sour plums therapy nausea and aids digestion and liver functions.

6. raw Eggs in Salty Water (Russia)


Russia produces the pleasant vodka in the international, and it’s no surprise that Russians are heavy drinkers of this liquor due to the united states’s freezing temperature. so that they’ve concocted the perfect antidote to vodka through the usage of raw eggs in salty water.

Eggs include cysteine which tactics the alcoholic byproduct metabolized by the liver. It then becomes glutathione, an antioxidant that aids within the elimination of pollutants from the body. The fatty acids in eggs defend the belly lining from alcohol as nicely. blend raw eggs in salty water and in a single shot you may at once experience relieved of your hangover.